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Technology Roadmap for Small Aircraft Transport Mode
took place in Brussels, Belgium on July 20th 2012
Objective of the Workshop:

Discuss with representatives of the SAT Community, EC, Regulators, Operators about the Technology Roadmap implementing the Vision in the European practice.

The following elements were discussed:

• Main conclusions on the Common Vision for Small Aircraft Transport (SAT) mode for inter-regional mobility responding to Flight Path 2050 challenges (90% d2d 4 h),

• Main conclusions on the demand for SAT mode, business model simulation and possible scenarios,

• Main conclusions on the assessment of existing and missing capabilities and industry master plan,

• Technology Roadmap for SAT mode,

• EC support mechanisms in Horizon 2020 and Clean Sky 2,

• Small Aircraft Big Challenge - The need for RTD and demonstration – as input to Clean Sky 2 and Horizon 2020,

• Cooperating within the sector: a network, EGAMA, how to involve others.

A Common Vision means that a community shares a vision for the future. The key elements of the Common Vision for Small Aircraft Transport Mode, as a component of the European Integrated Transport, were discussed in a dedicated Workshop” on 28th Sept 2011 with representatives  of  the SAT Community, EC, Regulators, Manufactures, Operators.

A Roadmap can be expressed as the what, how, by when, and with what of your endeavour. Based on the vision for SAT mode development, the strategic issues are identified and enablers named. From that a technology roadmap is developed that indicates areas where future research should focus on. Such actions are already identified in the ACARE SRIA and also will be very useful for defining Clean Sky II.


Workshop Handouts:
AGENDA (pdf)

Welcome and Short Introduction to the SAT- Roadmap Project - K. Piwek (IoA)

1. Common Vision for the development of Small Aircraft Transport System - M. Amato (CIRA)

2. Demand for SAT mode, business model simulation and possible scenarios - S. Ghijs (Fly Aeolus), D. Rohacs (BUTE)

3. THE SAT Roadmap - A. de Graaff (Ad Cuenta)

4. Main conclusions on the assessment of capabilities and industry - M. Kubryn (PZL M)

5. Identification of missing capabilities in Europe - C. Nae (INCAS)

6. An operator point of view - For the development of an effective, Business Model - M. Calvano (Magister Ludi Aviation)

7. Small Aircraft Big Challenge - A. Cozzolino (Piaggio Aero)

8. Integrated Technology Demonstrator for Small Aircraft Transport Mode in the framework of CS 2 Green Regional Aircraft - K. Piwek (IoA)

9. How to involve others - A de Graaff (Ad Cuenta)

10. Report on Ongoing or Planned Research D3.2 - B. Dziugiel (IoA)