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Project Management Committee Meeting No 4 of Small Air Transport – Roadmap (SAT-Rdmp)

 9th  February 2012 ,Institute of Aviation al. Krakowska 110/114 Warsaw, Poland

AGENDA (format pdf)

Mr. Zbigniew Wołejsza – New Technology Center Director of Institute of Aviation welcomed all participants of the meeting. He emphasized the importance of the project for future transportation for each partner and their community.
Meeting was moderated by Mr. Krzysztof Piwek, SAT-Rdmp Project Coordinator. He presented the agenda for the meeting and asked PMC Members if they had any remarks concerning it. No remarks were noted.
Overview of  meritorical SAT-Rdmp Project status and defining  of correction actions

Mr. Krzysztof Piwek started with the most important events and other activities which took place in the first year of the project. SAT Roadmap activities in 2011 was really visible in European Research Area:
  • Our Consortium had prepared, agreed and disseminated paper “Small Aircraft Transport as a new Component of the European Air Transport System” as memorandum  to authorities working on Flightpath 2050 (as an effect - one of goals FP 2050 “90%  of  travellers  within  Europe  are able  to complete  their journey,  door-to-door  within  4  hours.  Passengers  and  freight  are  able  to  transfer seamlessly between transport modes to reach the final destination smoothly, predictably and on-time” is closely compliant with SATS goals).

  • The SATS vision  was also presented at AeroDays (Madrid April 2011).

  • Assumptions to Common Vision on SAT Mode (6 presentations) were shown at  Workshop “Towards innovation - The future of aeronautics” organized by CEARES and SAT-Rdmp Consortiums  (Warsaw June 2011).

  • Common Vision on SAT Mode Workshop - key event for disseminating SATS idea, and gathering its evaluation by General Aviation Community was organized (Brussels September 2011). As a preparation for this workshop a discussion  paper  “Common  Vision  on  the  Development  of  a  Small  Aircraft Transportation  System (SATS) with three Pivotal Questions”  was  elaborated.  This  Paper  was  sent  to  European  General  Aviation  Community,  Regulators, Operators,  to  European  Commission  DG Research and DG Move, to experts preparing new Strategic Research and innovation Agenda, and also to personalities outside EU – from Russia, Canada, Turkey and US. The Discussion Paper, written answers from Experts (i.e. Bruce Holmes president of AGATE and SATS American GA programs), Consortium Partners presentations - were the base for wide discussion and confirmation that SAT-Rdmp Project is compliant with Flightpath 2050 challenges and confirmation that SAT System might become a small scale platform to demonstrate the European Integrated Transport functionality. Report summarizing contributions from this meeting was disseminated to Partners and interested experts and also, as a SAT-Rdmp Deliverable D1.5, was uploaded to Commission’s NEF.

  •  Numerous activities were carried out by representatives of SAT-Rdmp Consortium in 2011. Most important were: presenting SATS subject on Innovation Summit (Warsaw October 2011), introducing Small Air Transportation Concept into  ESPOSA - biggest European GA project, active taking part in SRIA (Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda) works by our Consortium members (Adriaan de Graaff, Marcello Amato, Tony Henley, Janusz Pietruszka, Jozsef Rohacs,  Claude le Tallec, Frans van Schaik, Krzysztof Piwek).

Due to a postponement of Berlin ILA 2012 until September 2012  Amendment no 1 to Grant Agreement was prepared, agreed with Partners, with Project Officer and uploaded to NEF. Amendment no 1 to Grant Agreement was sent to all Partners via email dated 12 January 2012.
As a result of the Amendment No 1 the final deadlines were shifted and the whole project has been prolonged to the end of September 2012.
Overview surroundings  of the Project – involving in SRIA activities

Discuss on this subject took place in the beginning of the  meeting and concluded that it is necessary to write letter to National Contact Points connecting with SAT-System topics and implement them in the Work Programme 2013. Important for SAT-System is examined possibility implementation into Clean Sky II on which works started. Also representatives of SAT-Rdmp Consortium in teams preparing Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda will exchange with findings and worked out documents with all Consortium Partners.
Letter to National Contact Points